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g_pwdr® Technology

g_pwdr® Technology


Best of the Best at the RedDot Design in 2017
Patent deposited in 2019
ADI Design Index Finalist 2020

g_pwdr® is an innovative dyeing technique based on the recycling of upgraded graphite powder, enabling all of the lovers of grey clothing to challenge the status quo. 

What is g_pwdr®? 


It’s an innovation inspired by tradition: graphite is today wasted in vast quantities by the tech industry, as byproduct of the production of electrodes, but the Romans used to rely on it to dye their own fabrics thousands of years ago. So we asked ourselves: how can we transform this modern-day waste into the raw material of an innovative and circular supply chain? g_pwdr® was the answer to this question. A patented technology by our R&D partner and mentor Alisea Recycled & Reused Object Design.



What is the impact? 


Nobody needs more clothes but we all need to challenge the status quo. g_pwdr® technology allowed us to do just that! We immediately realized that with this innovation even a simple t-shirt could become a service capable of catalizing change on three synergic levels of action: Environment - as we prevent a precious mineral from being buried underground and making our land infertile; Society - as we recovered an incredibly important fragment of Italian textile history and tradition that was about to be forgotten; Humanity - by offering an alternative to chemical dyes. 









recycled recycled kilos of graphite




How is it made?


Up until the mid the of the XX century, in the small village of Monterosso Calabro in Southern Italy, people used to dye fabrics with a dark and precious mineral: graphite. A technique that roots back to Ancient Rome times which we decided to re-imagine in circular economy dynamics. How? Graphite powder, an inevitable by-product of the production process of electrodes, is collected before its dismissal in landfills and converted into g_pwdr®. An innovation which gives textiles a shade of grey as unique as its manufacturing process.


The g_pwdr® technology is a product of Alisea Su Srl | B-Certified.